Sébastien MESILI Full stack developer

Welcome to my professional page.
I am a French guy currently located in Seoul, South Korea.

Front End

Mostly experienced in Web apps (Single Page Applications + Server Side Rendering) and regular websites with a touch of hybrid apps (web + mobile + desktop).

html + scssreactSPA / MPASSR
Back End

Using mainly Node.js / express these days, but built my experience using PHP for many years with monolithic applications, REST API and simple microservices infrastructures.

JS / nodepythonphpmysql

Web Server Management (cost effective VS cloud deployments), Live streaming applications (client + server), decentralized applications.


Skill confidence

Rating skills is always complicated as there are many things involved in each one.
Being good at HTML could mean knowing all the tags by heart, using proper aria properties and knowing how to build a semanticly correct document.
For someone else, it could be knowing styling (CSS) extended to pre-processors like SASS.

This is why I would define my best skill as my will to learn and never being satisfied : improving over time while limiting the technical debt are some points I try to focus on.

  • Passion for learning
  • React (16+ / hooks / redux)
  • Javascript ES2020 / Node.js
  • Python 3 / Django (actively learning)
  • React Native
  • PHP7 / Laravel
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • GNU/Linux Server management


« 전문성과 경험이 필요한 건축·시공 분야에서 건축주가 안심하고 집을 지을 수 있도록 건축 PM(Project Management) 서비스를 제공합니다. »

Last project

Terabuild is a presentational website for real-estate building / renovation consulting service.

At first sight, landing-page built with React could be seen as unnecessary complexity, but this choice allowed quick iterations through the development process up to the release in a very short time frame.
Reusing components also helped to keep consistency through the company's projects while limiting technical debt.

  • React (hooks, redux, sass, async SSR)
  • Express.js, Mongoose, REST API, Google APIs
  • Git, pm2, AWS

Most challenging project

Building a "zero-latency" horizontally scalable live chat streaming client / server.

Building a chatting server is easy, so is to build a streaming server.
Making it scalable is the very challenging part as there are associated costs for both ingest servers (receiving high resolution streams in RTSP or RTMP), transcoding servers (for HTTP transport) and edge servers.

  • Vanilla javascript / React
  • Express.js, Websockets
  • Git, pm2, Wowza, nginx-rtmp

Live streaming server

Let's build something together

Making problems become solving opportunities is my motivation.
If this is something you are looking for in your project please feel free to get in touch!

Want to work together ?

Let me know about the project or position.